Episode 16 - Dr. Adeyemi Adebiyi

Dr. Adeyemi Adebiyi conducts research in Atmospheric and Oceanic sciences at the University of California Los Angeles. His post doctoral research is based on the levels of dust particles in the atmosphere and its effects on local and global climate change. He is the 2019 recipient of the UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow. The University of Miami also granted him the Koczy Award for Outstanding Doctoral Level Research.

For more information on Dr. Adebiyi and his research, please click here.


Episode 15 - Tsvetana Paskaleva

Tsvetana Paskaleva is a Bulgarian documentary film-maker who has devoted her life to documenting the Armenian soldiers defending and fighting for the independence of Nagarno-Karabakh (Artsakh). She has produced over 170 documentaries the conflicts in this region. She received the highest award of Armenia in the field of journalism, the Movses Khorenatsi Medal. In addition, she has showed her films to the US Congress, United Nations, Amnesty International, and other organizations in defense of the Armenian community of Nagarno-Karabakh.


Episode 14 - Dr. Isabel Villanueva

A professional opera singer and researcher with a PhD in Communication Sciences and MA in Composition for Audiovisual and Film. Dr. Isabel Villanueva joins the podcast to discuss her research and collaboration with international Opera Houses and organizations in developing strageties to connect with young audiences

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Episode 12 - Vahe Berberian

A fountain of creativity and an outpour of artistic expulsions have led renowned artist Vahe Berberian to dive into the various yet unifying realms of playwriting, painting, directing, writing, acting and stand up comedy. Vahe joins the podcast in discussing the world of art, his personal journey, the contrast between good&bad art, information&wisdom, theatre and much more. For more information on Vahe and his work, please visit www.vaheberberian.com


Episode 8 - Ara Dabandjian and Aren Emirsian

Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, and Producer Ara Dabandjian (of Element Band) and Musician/Singer Aren Emirsian (of Harmful and Germany's Rinderwahnsinn) join the podcast celebrating their collaboration on a new album entitled Papak. The collaboration fuses Western-Armenian poetry with music composed, performed, and sung by both Dabandjian and Emirsian.

Episode 2 - Benjamin Moser

Benjamin Moser is known for his biography and translations of Brazilian author Clarice Lispector and he is currently working on the biography of Susan Sontag. Benjamin joins Sevag Mahserejian and Esteban Cordoba in discussing his most recent works and travels.  www.benmoser.com.         www.bate-forte.com.   www.sev86.com.